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rendering blog

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here’s an interesting blog i found: http://3dsmaxrendering.blogspot.com/

i stumbled upon it while i was doing some searching for some rendering stuff, and i looked through it, seems like a pretty cool blog. A lot of stuff about rendering, texture/shader and stuff like that, a lot of it for mental ray, and some for vray, i haven’t looked through the entire blog yet, but seems like what he has there are quite good, not some uber long posts and stuff, just some quite practical tips, tricks and tutorials for everyone.

i’m by no means an expert at rendering, so it’s a good resource for me, maybe you’ll find it quite useful as well, have a blast.


comp 1 rev 1

alright, so here’s the one with some semi-final renders, take a look first

changed a couple of things from the last comp, nothing really major, a few small tweaks with the fume and stuff like that, and another thing, i’m gonna star uploading all the videos now to a place where you can download the 720p video, which is much higher quality than what youtube gives, so you can see it in better detail 🙂

you can download high quality here: link, 7.5mb mov

Castle boulder and sparks

alright, so new update, got some textures for the boulders and some sparks going, not very noticeable, but you can see it.

and i got a new version of the texture for the boulders, minor change, not gonna bother with a brand new upload.

next up i need to get the ground fixed up, i have no idea what to do with the ground yet though, so we’ll have to see….

and i’m still waiting for the fully textured version of the castle to render, it’s been rendering for almost 100 hours, on my very slow computer XD, o well, i can’t afford to render on my workstation.

Castle Fume 08

alright, skipped a few updates and stuff, but still, here, take a look first,

alright so, i changed a few things, i tuned down the fume trails for the boulders, since they were really distracting.

so right now i’m working on texturing the boulder, also the sparks, i’ll get a new render up soon.

Castle fume 2

update to the fume sim last night, check out the video first.

i’m liking this look, although feels like it kinda needs more detail, and i probably need to make those smaller pieces bigger, since now they are kinda missing in the fume, although you can see them a little bit, but still, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, which is very soon XD. or it could be enough, i’m not sure, we’ll see after i have finished all the other destructions.

so, agenda for today, finish the other 2 fume sims, increase the size of the small pieces, that’s about it for now, i’ll post more once i have more finished.

stay tuned

haha, totally forgot i still need to do the fume sim for the boulders coming in so, more work to do, yay 🙂

Castle and fume

alright, first off, new render for the tower, make it less glossy…

and next, first fume sim is up, i’m thinking it needs to be a bit bigger, also ignore the dark pieces, i was stupid enough to render the small pieces with the smoke, so when i color corrected the fume the little pieces became too dark XD.

and i need to get those little pieces fixed, they are coming out toooo fast.

stupid computer keeps running out of ram, i have 2 gigs and it’s still running out….

Castle new render

here’s a new render of the castle

just finished texturing all of them, still rendering, since after i put on the texture the render time skyrockets 5 times, like from 2 minutes or so to over 10 minutes per frame…..

still trying to figure out ways to reduce the render time… but in the mean time, i think i’m gonna work on the fume sim for now.

i’ll keep you updated.