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Update demoreel

a sort reel for 2016

2016 short reel from Michael Sun on Vimeo.


On another note

here’s a still from another project.

i did the snow, finally something that’s not smoke or fire or explosions eh?

More explosions

A few more explosions i did some time ago, didn’t have the time to post them.

still doesn’t look as good as i had hopped, probably lacking a lot on the comp side, but still i want to make it look as good as possible straight out from render.


here’s a work in progress for some explosion, i just realized i haven’t done much explosions so here’s some for funzies.

new demoreel and looking for jobs

and vimeo if you can’t see the youtube (cause the music is blocked in some countries)

showing my new demoreel and i am currently looking for work,.

contact me at: particlevfx@gmail.com or bulletproofhelmet@gmail.com


Something to show, finally

Fear 3 is due out this may, finally i got something to show,

around the 0:22 mark where the tower is crumbling down, the full shot is longer than that, and 1:50 mark where you see those scavengers disintegrating, also the fire in the background.

oh and if the video is blocked where you are, you can always see it on IGN here:  http://www.ign.com/videos/2011/02/25/fear-3-behind-the-scenes-tone-video 0:17 and 1:47 respectively.


been using houdini quite a bit at work, still not very good at it though, does take a while to learn it, but it seems like a very powerful too, although missing some of the nice pre-made tools in 3ds max or maya, houdini makes it up by letting you create your own tools easily inside the software itself. and it seems like all the studios are jumping on the bandwagon that is houdini, everyone is looking for houdini fx TDs. Might be a good software to invest some time into and learn.

and you can learn a lot from here: http://vimeo.com/user2030228


have fun houdini-ing!