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check this out:


got a few friends from VFS who worked on the film too. the effects looks awesome, although the movie, i felt, was not as good as the original. not only that, the music is just FANTASTIC, like, it just works perfectly! Can’t wait till the blu-ray comes out for this movie!


VFS review featured


i wrote a review for VFS (Vancouver Film School) which i went to and graduated from a few months ago, for this site that’s dedicated to reviews of art schools to help people chose better, and the article i wrote is now the featured review for the site, yay 🙂

check it out here http://www.artschoolreviews.ca/

The Summoning

Short film we created in VFS

The Summoning

poster for the shortfilm/vfs demoreel “The Summoning”
The Summoning, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

yay, a new post

IMG_6367 copy

Picture by: Michael Sun

anyway, VFS is taking a break so i can actaully take some time to write an actual blog post.

some update on my status, been working pretty hard at school, homeworks, and also demoreel stuff. also, i’m working on a movie at the same time, the movie’s called “Fire From Below

also, if you’ve been reading my blog you know i’ve been doing a lot of photography. i love photography, a really big hobbie of mine. just thought i’d like to mention some of the podcasts i listen to regarding photography.

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first off; This Week in Photography: http://twipphoto.com/

i really like This Week in Photography (TWiP for short), first of all because it’s done by some of the member from the TWiT network, like Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay, so you know the podcast will be highly entertaining and full of ratholes, but also jam packed with photography tips and tricks, news and insights. also make sure you bookmark and TWiP blog, because it’s almost updated daily with tips and tricks on photography, mostly from Scott Bourne (you can tell who has the most free time XD). also i think TWiP is like the number 1 photography podcast i think, but anyway, if you are interested in photography, this is a must listen.

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next up: Pro Photoshow:http://www.prophotoshow.net/blog/

like the name, this podcast is aimed at professional photographers, mostly focuses on wedding and portrait photographers. don’t be like “i’m a nature photographer, i don’t care about wedding or portraits.” i beg to differ, i personally think while it’s good to have a focus like nature or wildlife or whatever it is that you really like to photograph, but everyone should take some time to explore other areas of photography, you never know when you gonna pick up some useful tips to use on areas which you thought was never related. just suck in as much photography info as possible. also, Gavin Seim, the dude resposible for pro photoshow is a great guy, search for him on facebook and friend him XD.

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more, Jeff Curto’s Camera Position: http://www.cameraposition.com/

this particular podcast i find is really great. it’s not really a podcasts on photoraphy tips and trips per say, but Jeff does talk about how to take better pictures, mainly he talks about the why you take pictures this way, instead of how. this podcast is great, give you things to really think about when you take pictures, i think it’s maybe more for serious amature photographers, very nice podcast, make sure you give it a listen. also from the same dude who brings us camera position, History of Photography, also a great podcast.

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last and definitely not least, actually one of the best podcasts out there: Tips From the Top Floor (tfttf)

this is an awesome podcast, i really like this podcast because it’s not only just a podcast, it’s also a community and if you listen to Leo Laport, or the TWiT network you will surely know that Chris (the dude who brings you tfttf) is on Leo’s radio show and there’s assignments, reviews, workshops and stuff like that. also there’s lots of useful info on the tfttf’s website. also make sure you follow chris on twitter: http://twitter.com/chrismarquardt.

anyway so that’s the podcasts i listen to regarding photography, and of course keep your eyes on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/

and my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bphelmet/


okay, so term 2 has ended at VFS, which is good, i guess, term 3 is coming up and it’s gonna be a lot tougher, and a lot more work, but i’m ready for it.

also i bought halo 3, and also i have finished halo: combat evolved, and halo 2, before i went out the bought halo 3 legendary edition, and i have to say halo series gotta be one of the best series of games i’ve ever played, even though it’s a first person shooter game which usually lacks story and depth, but halo has a rich story and some degree of depth and the online element of the halo 3 is just great, and it works really really well with bungie.net, even though bungie.net could be really slow in updating sometimes, which is kinda annoying but not really that bad. so yeah if you play halo 3 online as well, add me as friend i really wanna find some friends to play halo with since not many of classmates seem to be interested in halo.

also i’ve heard call of duty 4 is great as well, has awesome online multiplayer. i would love to try it out, but i plan on buying another controller first so me and a friend of mine from school can play some co-op action on halo 3 (also i want that action figure that comes with the spartan edition of the xbox controller :P)

call me a halo fanboy, but i love halo now, i think it’s great.

also been playing some mass effect as well, finally got to lvl 60 on my main guy, awesome, but a pain in the butt indeed to get to lvl 60.

also a few halo screenies:





anyway, so yeah add me 🙂

more to come later