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nice to see you again!

alright, finally gonna make another post. finishing up another project now, can’t wait to start the next one.

nothing i can show yet still 😦 but you could take a look at these few trailers, which my company had worked on, unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to work on them.

The American

Barney’s Version

Source Code

and hope everyone had a great 2010, had a good christmas holiday, and a great new year, happy new to you, hope 2011 will be even more awesome for you, and if 2010 wasn’t so great, hopefully 2011 will be better!

see you soon.


A little update

haven’t written anything in a long time. however every time i write something the readers seem to drop to 0 XD

anywho, so i moved to montreal, Quebec. got a job here at ModusFX www.modusfx.com

working on some pretty cool projects, i wish i can show you but i’ll have to wait till it comes out.

so that just about to sum all the past new months that i haven’t updated. exciting eh? i know. oh and did i mention i started using maya as my primary software? since that’s what we use at work.. yikes i know. ah well. maybe i’ll move onto houdini soon.

in case you missed the last video i uploaded, you can watch it here.

cya soon, i hope..