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New pictures

Capture, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

took some new pictures few days ago, first seriously photography attempt in a long time..


Photo and wallpaper

Took some pictures today, and turned some into 3840 by 1080 wallpapers. I’ve had some trouble finding wallpapers that are 3840 by 1080 for my dual HD monitors. So i decided to upload them so people can download them if they wish, i’ll also have the 1920 by 1080 versions, should be enough for most monitors.

1920 by 1080:

and 3840 by 1080

Knight, Black and white

Knight, Black and white, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.


HBW, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

you have to View it On Black

Thinkpad W700

I read this a few days ago, thought it’s really interesting, the new Thinkpad W700.

This 17 inch monster laptop weighs in at 8lbs, which is REALLY heavy for a laptop, well i guess that’s why they call it a “desktop replacement”. And it’s aimed at photographers, designers and creative professionals (i said “creative professionals” not you punks who make random youtube videos or some other random things or those people who think they are “creative professionals” just because they have a mac).

Specs wise: quad-core intel CPU, up to 8 gigs of ram, 2 harddrive bays, and the mobile version of the nVidia high-end graphics card, Quadro 3700m.

Yeah, it’s got the wacom tablet thingy built in, and i would assume that’s the most attractive feature of this monster. To me i don’t really care much for the wacom even though I’m somewhat of a photographer. I’m most interested in the screen on the laptop, the 17″ WUXGA (1920×1200) with build in color calibrator, really really cool, well at least to me since i’m really not happy with monitors that’s not properly calibrated and color shows up weird and stuff. I just hope all the laptops that’s aimed at any sort of artist (ahem, *apple*, ahem) should have build in calibrators in their laptops.

Well, it comes to the million dollar question: would i buy it? The answer to that is no, first of all i don’t wanna lug around an 8lbs 17″ monster (15″ is as big as i would go for laptops). Second it’s not cheap, well didn’t excepted it to be cheap did you? It starts at just under $3000 USD. Lastly I don’t really like working on laptops (that comes from a man who does all he’s professional work on a laptop, hmph, funny).

So there you have it, another random piece of blog entry, I’ll write some good stuff some day, i hope. Was gonna say something smart but the words outsmarted me :(.

Anyway that’s it for now, take care.


Chiken Sandwich

Chiken Sandwich, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

Well, i guess this is my first official photograph of food. enjoy 🙂


Untitled, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

made this image on a photo walk in Vancouver some time ago.