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Update demoreel

a sort reel for 2016

2016 short reel from Michael Sun on Vimeo.


Castle breakdown/tutorial/overview or whatever

long video, but, i think you’ll have about 30 seconds of fun throughout the entire video.

Castle Breakdown

here’s a breakdown for the castle shot, for those of you who are intereted.

you can download high quality version here: link, 26.9mb MOV

more to come, stay tuned.

Castle Final

Alright, well, i think this is the final 🙂 take a look first

i’ll do a more in-depth walkthrough/tutorial or whatever if people wants one, leave a comment 🙂

and you can download hi-quality version here: link, 22.9MB MOV, it’s kinda big, i know

more to follow..

comp 3

so here’s another new comp:

what’s changed in this one, not a whole lot, i changed the 2nd fume sim again, i think it’s fine now, and also i sharpened the entire thing a bit, the last comp is way to soft for my liking, i just wanted to have some lens quality, not to have it look like i shot it with a plastic lens.

you can download the high quality version here: link, 9.9mb MOV

the lens distortion, i really like it, bit it kinda shrinks my render a bit, and i don’t really like that, i’ll have to find a way to counter that, either have bigger renders or just don’t do any lens distortion, we’ll have to see.

so now what i need to do is set up the final render, i don’t have to re-render all of the stuff, just i need a multi-pass render for the main castle itself, and i might re-render the boulders they are looking too purple right now. i need a z-depth pass as well.

we’ll see how it goes.

new comp

new comp, check it out:

playing around still, testing out random things, added the AO pass, changed the second fume sim, which i am not happy with, gonna have to sim it again tomorrow, and set up the final render passes tomorrow. a few more things to do, but it’s coming along i guess.

also you can download high quality version here: link, 6.4mb MOV

comp 1 rev 1

alright, so here’s the one with some semi-final renders, take a look first

changed a couple of things from the last comp, nothing really major, a few small tweaks with the fume and stuff like that, and another thing, i’m gonna star uploading all the videos now to a place where you can download the 720p video, which is much higher quality than what youtube gives, so you can see it in better detail 🙂

you can download high quality here: link, 7.5mb mov