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Knight, Black and white

Knight, Black and white, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.


Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.


Spetacular, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.


amazing performance by the chinese team, to see more go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/bphelmet/sets/72157606479016206/


Celebration of Light is a annual fireworks competition hosted in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

i missed the Canadian team,  and i missed the USA team, but i was there for the Chinese team. and i think the chinese had the best of all three (proud to be chinese-canadian).

i was there for the whole thing, and dam was there A LOT of people, never seen so many people in my life. of course i will also be there for the finale which is on saturday.

okay, now to what i posted this blog post for, i was there the whole time to take pictures, and i took 122 pictures during the 20 minute show.  So i don’t really know how to choose a good picture, so i just generated a HTML album from lightroom of all the pictures so everyone can take a look, and then i’ll go ahead and choose some of the best shots and upload them to flickr.

you can check out all the shots here: http://tinyurl.com/6qwz62

or http://student.vfs.com/~3d71michael/

which is the same thing really.

anyway, any feedbacks, comments just leave them under this post, or if you can find me on twitter: http://twitter.com/BPhelmet, send me a DM or @BPhelmet me to leave you comment or whatever it is that you want to say.

thanks in advance, and i am grateful to all and any of your inputs or just even for looking through the gallery.

thank you



Knight, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

i’m just gonna copy and paste the things i wrote on flickr

just came out from school, i origianlly wanted to take pictures of sunset, but it’s all overcast. the sun’s nowhere in sight.

so on the way home the bridge and traffic caught my eyes. setted up my tripod and start shooting some traffic, and this bus just came into the bus stop wich is right beside where i set my tripod.

Niagara Falls

20080430_Pic_0023, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

just uploaded pictures from my trip the Niagara Falls,


Night, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

Night shot of Vancouver cityscape from my friend’s apartment, 30 seconds exposure, looks kinda cool, but unfortunately, this shot was taken really late so not much traffic going on, but still kinda cool none the less, enjoy