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update to my demoreel

updated demoreel, with 2 new shots


Few movies to watch and watch out for

Since I am in the movie business I thought i’d talk about movies and stuff that you might wanna watch or watch out for.

To Watch


Slumdog Millionaire (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1010048/): this movie was recomended to me by a friend of mine, she says is one of the favorate movies of hers. I on the other hand initially dismissed it as some random movie about some random subject, and well i’m not much of a fan of indian movies, you know how the steriotype goes, cheesy indian films with horrible echoy music and lots of dancing invovled. This movie on the other hand is not one of those. Directed by Danny Boyle, who is a really good director btw (I watched Sunshine after watching Slumdog Millionaire). Anyway you got enough movie review and shit like that out there to read, and this is not another movie review, i’m just saying this is a good movie, great story, makes you think, and go watch it and enjoy the music in the movie too.


The Curious case of Benjamin Button (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421715/): Right, to be honest i don’t like Brad Pitt, not because of he’s last name, but rather i just don’t seem to have a good impression of him after watching “Burn after reading” in which he was a moron. But anyway i wanted to see this movie because of the CG head that they had put in for the first 52 minutes of the movie to age Brad.  I was kinda half expecting the CG to fell short somehow because well i know how much of a pain it is to create CG human,  especially CG human head with complex actions in close-ups. My worries were proven wrong, the CG is great, I mean there are signs of the head being CG in some of the scenes, and there are scenes in which you just cannot tell the head is CG, and you probably won’t be able to know the head is CG if no one had told you. Not only that, the movie is great too, great story, long movie too, watch it.

(I’mma add more later)

To Watch Out For


Star Trek (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0796366/): ‘nough said.

Pixar’s Up: well i mean pixar always have good stuff right?

X-men origins: wolverine (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0458525/): i’m a fan of the x-men trilogy, so here’s another one to watch out for.

that’s all for now, really tired, gotta hit the sack.

My Demoreel 2008

my official demoreel for the year of 2008 🙂


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

okay, alright, despite you see as much pavement as you have when you were getting beat down by bullies in highschool, it’s actually a good movie, better than i had expected it to be. i like it being shot at this handy-cam, amateur-ish photography style, i thought it fit the movie well, even though it does cause me to be very, very sick, even though i have lots of training at this kinda stuff.

story was alright, nothing too unexpected, and frankly a little cheesy, but it does have some nice twists in it. i thought it was well executed, and again the first-person-ish type of feel really give the movie a lot more impact than a traditional disaster/monster movie.

the visual was okay, nothing too spectacular, though the city replacement was pretty cool, the creature work is not very good, but decent enough for the film, and the parasite design i feel much resembles the bugs in star ship troopers, and the big monster was pretty cool when you were able to see it in it’s full glory near the end of the film, and destruction is always my thing :P. but anyway, it’s a far better movie than i had expected it to be, even though it did make me motion sick, still great movie, i would love to buy it on DVD.

check out some shot breakdowns by the studio double negative here: http://www.dneg.com/projects/cloverfield_98.html