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Was playing Halo 3 today, team slayer on snowbound. Grenade came behind me and blew me up, and smash my head in to the ceiling, it’s actually pretty cool moment the shield got depleted.  I dunno kinda cool i think 😛


and here’s what happend split second later….


“What? What’s wrong? Why you looking at me strange?”


long time no post

sry about the delays and stuff, it’s been really busy at school and most of free time have been spent playing halo 3, shame on my, o well here’s a few panos of halo 3 i made while i’m not playing, enjoy.

and a few screenies

and of course the most important

bunch of halo 3 screenies

a bunch of screenshots from halo 3









more screenies

just a few more screenies from halo 3, nothing too interesting, wish i have more interesting stuff to show y’all, but i think these are pretty cool 😛




more to come later


okay, so term 2 has ended at VFS, which is good, i guess, term 3 is coming up and it’s gonna be a lot tougher, and a lot more work, but i’m ready for it.

also i bought halo 3, and also i have finished halo: combat evolved, and halo 2, before i went out the bought halo 3 legendary edition, and i have to say halo series gotta be one of the best series of games i’ve ever played, even though it’s a first person shooter game which usually lacks story and depth, but halo has a rich story and some degree of depth and the online element of the halo 3 is just great, and it works really really well with bungie.net, even though bungie.net could be really slow in updating sometimes, which is kinda annoying but not really that bad. so yeah if you play halo 3 online as well, add me as friend i really wanna find some friends to play halo with since not many of classmates seem to be interested in halo.

also i’ve heard call of duty 4 is great as well, has awesome online multiplayer. i would love to try it out, but i plan on buying another controller first so me and a friend of mine from school can play some co-op action on halo 3 (also i want that action figure that comes with the spartan edition of the xbox controller :P)

call me a halo fanboy, but i love halo now, i think it’s great.

also been playing some mass effect as well, finally got to lvl 60 on my main guy, awesome, but a pain in the butt indeed to get to lvl 60.

also a few halo screenies:





anyway, so yeah add me 🙂

more to come later