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Something to show, finally

Fear 3 is due out this may, finally i got something to show,

around the 0:22 mark where the tower is crumbling down, the full shot is longer than that, and 1:50 mark where you see those scavengers disintegrating, also the fire in the background.

oh and if the video is blocked where you are, you can always see it on IGN here:  http://www.ign.com/videos/2011/02/25/fear-3-behind-the-scenes-tone-video 0:17 and 1:47 respectively.


EVE online

Out of no where a heavily armed battlecruiser drops out of warp right in the middle of a large group of pirates. Drones swarm out from the battlecruiser as the captain orders a lock on the nearest frigate, he knows the frigates may not kill a battlecruiser, but if they get close enough they can slow the ship down enough to double the damage dealt on the ship.  This all happened before the pirates even had any time to react.

Missiles from the battlecruiser races towards the frigate that is 40km away through the vaccum of space, silent but deadly, it takes the missiles about 8 seconds from launch to impact, and the frigate pilot can do nothing but watch as he’s doom aproches at 4.8km/s.  The drones are being launched towards another frigate, but the pilot was way too occupied with the battlecruiser to notice the drones, a fatle mistake that costed he’s ship and he’s life.

The rest of the pirate gang only now have targeted the battlecruiser and opened fire. But it seems the shield is way too tough for any of the pirates to even make a dent. However the pirates are not a bunch that gives up easily, calling more backup while they move into a more favourable position. Little do they know, there is no where they can go to avoid the missile from that heavily armed battlecruiser.

One by one the pirates explode as the missiles tears through the ship’s hull like a can opener. The captain isn’t even breaking a sweat, he has done this so many times he can probably do it in he’s sleep. But it doesn’t matter how many pirates he kill, there always seem to be more, but hey, more pirates he kill, more money he gets. That might not sound very noble, but the man has to make a living, and also pay for all the missiles.

Transformers Game Cinematics

here’s an article i found kinda interesting, it’s about the creation of transformers game cinematics, it’s got some cool stuff.

quote from the article”

During the intense battle scene, all smoke and fire effects were created in Fume and the soldier’s machine gun muzzle flashes were a combination of live footage and CG. Afterburn was used for the Decepticon missile trails and for smoke we used proxy collision objects to interact with Fume. Various pieces of flying debris were created with Particle Flow and the interactive lighting passes were added to every fire, explosion and light source in the scene.

to read more
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i stole the image form CG talk btw, i’m sure they won’t mind.. XD

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic
this is one of the game that i really look forward to, and as a MMO addicted i can’t wait to see what bioware can do to MMOs, i have full confidence in bioware making a kick ass game, MMO or not.

just read an article on ten ton hammer on the demo they were presented at E3, sounded like it’s an MMO with the gameplay of a fast paced console game, which is awesome, and also other exciting information on the game.

check it out at http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/69111

E3 -Xbox/Microsoft

incase you haven’t noticed, E3 is going on right now, or rather was going on, but anyway, i wanna talk about a few things.

first of all. I, myself is a proud owner of a halo 3 edition xbox 360, which i love very much (no red ring of death yet, thank god, knock on wood). Something Microsoft announced at E3 really bugged me, the “new xbox experience”, which is basically a new interface for the xbox operating system software.

why is it bugging me? because first of all, i love the blade interface for the xbox right now, it’s really good, nice and clean, nothing fancy, works well, and i really love the customization aspect of it too. from the announcement at E3, the new-xbox-experience-interface-OS-thingy has no apparent customizability, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have that ability, maybe it does they jsut didn’t show it off.

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second of all, the new interface is stupid, well not stupid but really really childish-looking, like the Wii (by no mean saying the Wii is childish and dumb). but i just think Microsoft copying the look of wii is not very cool, and that avatar thing is just plain stupid, what’s wrong with the gamer card? i love the gamer card, it’s freagging awesome.

third of all, seems like Microsoft is really, really, really tying to reach out to a bigger audience with the new stuff, i mean yeah it’s cool, but i’m not too psyched about it because i’m more of a hardcore gamer type of gamer (if that even makes sence), and frankly i think with all the new menus, flip thingys, and stuff the casual gamer or not so techy gamers might even get confused by the new menus, but that’s just how i feel.

and lastly it just doesn’t look or feel like xbox anymore, it feels like some other generic, badly designed, trying to copy others but fell short game consoles. i like the xbox the way it is, it doesn’t need to be changed!!!!!!!!!

okay, now let me say something good about the “new-xbox-experience’, what i like about it is first of all, netflix. that’s really cool cause you can stream movies on your xbox, and apparently it’s free for xbox live gold-ers (i’m not too sure about it).

also, also very awesome, the live party thing. it’s really cool, i love that, bring your friends a lone do whatever it is that your doing, watch movies, share photos, and play games together, that is just awesome!!

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anyway enough ranting about the “the new xbox experience”. let’s talk about the games that i’m really really looking forward to.

Gears of war 2

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need i say more, it F**King rocks man!!!!!

Star wars: the force unleashed

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again, this title rocks, and as a big big big star wars fan myself, i cannot wait to get it and unleash the force(cheesy i know :P)!!!

Mirror’s Edge

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i’m very very excited about this game because it looks really good, and it looks like it’s gonna be really cool, also it looks very refreshing and a new kind of style, very excited.

Prince of Persia: next Gen

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right okay, this one is kinda interesting cause there are people who didn’t like this title at all because it is soooo different from the preview games, but i find this game’s art direction is really awesome, and it’s really beautiful, it looks like a moving painting. i am looking forward to this game.

Halo Wars

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i’m a big huge halo fan, and this game is gonna rock my socks off 🙂

Fable 2

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i have to say, i didn’t really like the first one that much, but there’s a bunch of cool stuff in this one we’ll see how this one will turn out.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar

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okay, the voice command in this one from the video’s i’ve seen works amazingly well, and it’s gonna be soo cool if it works well, and the online aspect the perpetual world war idea is also awesome, looking forward to this title.

that’s all i think for xbox/microsoft, PS3 is coming soon, Wii i will ignore, well i might write a little about it.



okay, so term 2 has ended at VFS, which is good, i guess, term 3 is coming up and it’s gonna be a lot tougher, and a lot more work, but i’m ready for it.

also i bought halo 3, and also i have finished halo: combat evolved, and halo 2, before i went out the bought halo 3 legendary edition, and i have to say halo series gotta be one of the best series of games i’ve ever played, even though it’s a first person shooter game which usually lacks story and depth, but halo has a rich story and some degree of depth and the online element of the halo 3 is just great, and it works really really well with bungie.net, even though bungie.net could be really slow in updating sometimes, which is kinda annoying but not really that bad. so yeah if you play halo 3 online as well, add me as friend i really wanna find some friends to play halo with since not many of classmates seem to be interested in halo.

also i’ve heard call of duty 4 is great as well, has awesome online multiplayer. i would love to try it out, but i plan on buying another controller first so me and a friend of mine from school can play some co-op action on halo 3 (also i want that action figure that comes with the spartan edition of the xbox controller :P)

call me a halo fanboy, but i love halo now, i think it’s great.

also been playing some mass effect as well, finally got to lvl 60 on my main guy, awesome, but a pain in the butt indeed to get to lvl 60.

also a few halo screenies:





anyway, so yeah add me 🙂

more to come later