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Photo and wallpaper

Took some pictures today, and turned some into 3840 by 1080 wallpapers. I’ve had some trouble finding wallpapers that are 3840 by 1080 for my dual HD monitors. So i decided to upload them so people can download them if they wish, i’ll also have the 1920 by 1080 versions, should be enough for most monitors.

1920 by 1080:

and 3840 by 1080



, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

a flower shot i took at sunset. with the 50mm 1.8 get lots of bokeh.


20080509_Pic_0002, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

was out shooting some footage with friend, and saw this really nice patch of tulips in from of a church, and it’s a great day. can’t help but took this shot, too bad can’t get down low because of the fence that’s around the tulips.

Manley Gage

20080507_Pic_0001-2, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

picture of my classmate at VFS, manley gage. Mr. Gage is a cool guy who lets me take lots of pictures of him, also he likes being in the pictures, i think he just like to be the center of attention. but anyway, see more at my flickr stream,


20080507_Pic_0002, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

pictures of tulips uploaded, 3 actually, tulips are opening up here in vancouver, and the weather has been really great, and the tulips looks really good, so here’s one pictures, more you can find on my flickr stream.