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On another note

here’s a still from another project.

i did the snow, finally something that’s not smoke or fire or explosions eh?


More explosions

A few more explosions i did some time ago, didn’t have the time to post them.

still doesn’t look as good as i had hopped, probably lacking a lot on the comp side, but still i want to make it look as good as possible straight out from render.


here’s a work in progress for some explosion, i just realized i haven’t done much explosions so here’s some for funzies.


last time i posted here was when the dinosaurs still roams the the earth. but i am still very much alive!

love to show new work, but i can’t until they are released 🙂

nothing too fancy, fear 3 cinematic. some other stuff. cool stuff done with fumefx.

i’ll make more cool stuff when i stop being lazy 😛

cya soon, until then, have a good one.