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Castle breakdown/tutorial/overview or whatever

long video, but, i think you’ll have about 30 seconds of fun throughout the entire video.


Castle Breakdown

here’s a breakdown for the castle shot, for those of you who are intereted.

you can download high quality version here: link, 26.9mb MOV

more to come, stay tuned.

Castle Final

Alright, well, i think this is the final 🙂 take a look first

i’ll do a more in-depth walkthrough/tutorial or whatever if people wants one, leave a comment 🙂

and you can download hi-quality version here: link, 22.9MB MOV, it’s kinda big, i know

more to follow..

comp 3

so here’s another new comp:

what’s changed in this one, not a whole lot, i changed the 2nd fume sim again, i think it’s fine now, and also i sharpened the entire thing a bit, the last comp is way to soft for my liking, i just wanted to have some lens quality, not to have it look like i shot it with a plastic lens.

you can download the high quality version here: link, 9.9mb MOV

the lens distortion, i really like it, bit it kinda shrinks my render a bit, and i don’t really like that, i’ll have to find a way to counter that, either have bigger renders or just don’t do any lens distortion, we’ll have to see.

so now what i need to do is set up the final render, i don’t have to re-render all of the stuff, just i need a multi-pass render for the main castle itself, and i might re-render the boulders they are looking too purple right now. i need a z-depth pass as well.

we’ll see how it goes.

new comp

new comp, check it out:

playing around still, testing out random things, added the AO pass, changed the second fume sim, which i am not happy with, gonna have to sim it again tomorrow, and set up the final render passes tomorrow. a few more things to do, but it’s coming along i guess.

also you can download high quality version here: link, 6.4mb MOV

comp 1 rev 1

alright, so here’s the one with some semi-final renders, take a look first

changed a couple of things from the last comp, nothing really major, a few small tweaks with the fume and stuff like that, and another thing, i’m gonna star uploading all the videos now to a place where you can download the 720p video, which is much higher quality than what youtube gives, so you can see it in better detail 🙂

you can download high quality here: link, 7.5mb mov

Castle boulder and sparks

alright, so new update, got some textures for the boulders and some sparks going, not very noticeable, but you can see it.

and i got a new version of the texture for the boulders, minor change, not gonna bother with a brand new upload.

next up i need to get the ground fixed up, i have no idea what to do with the ground yet though, so we’ll have to see….

and i’m still waiting for the fully textured version of the castle to render, it’s been rendering for almost 100 hours, on my very slow computer XD, o well, i can’t afford to render on my workstation.