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The Arc of life

It’s been a while since I even made an update on this website. I do, however, have many news to share.

I have been working at Arc Productions in toronto for the past 3 years, and it’s been great, however I’m sure some of you in the know have already heard about the downfall of Arc Productions putting over 500 artist out of work. The situation is unfortunate but it’s been a good experience.

Being put out of work is terrible, and no one wants it to happen to them and I am no exception. However it has been a good experience, the animation industry is a tight bound community and every studio came out to help the artist who has been displaced. It’s wonderful to see the job events and recruiting shows companies put on for us.

I myself has managed to land safely at Pixomondo Toronto, and it’s very exciting for me.

I’ve also just gotten news that Jam Filled has acquired Arc’s assets and hired back a lot of the people who used to work there.

Best of luck to all of us, and to you as well.


Another blog

i made another blog! yay!! i know, i can barely maintain this one with regular updates, but hopefully these 2 blogs will give me more motivation to keep both of them updated.

anyway so this new blog is gonna be about things not related to vfx. things like games and other things that are my hobbies but aren’t related to vfx (but i might post the same post at both places if i deemed fit)

here it is, check it out, i’ll be updating that one quite regularly (i hope anyway): http://zomgethim.wordpress.com/


Edit: made the link clickable, i hate it when i have to paste the link into the browser (unless you are super security conscious), so i’m not gonna make you do that.

nice to see you again!

alright, finally gonna make another post. finishing up another project now, can’t wait to start the next one.

nothing i can show yet still 😦 but you could take a look at these few trailers, which my company had worked on, unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to work on them.

The American

Barney’s Version

Source Code

and hope everyone had a great 2010, had a good christmas holiday, and a great new year, happy new to you, hope 2011 will be even more awesome for you, and if 2010 wasn’t so great, hopefully 2011 will be better!

see you soon.

A little update

haven’t written anything in a long time. however every time i write something the readers seem to drop to 0 XD

anywho, so i moved to montreal, Quebec. got a job here at ModusFX www.modusfx.com

working on some pretty cool projects, i wish i can show you but i’ll have to wait till it comes out.

so that just about to sum all the past new months that i haven’t updated. exciting eh? i know. oh and did i mention i started using maya as my primary software? since that’s what we use at work.. yikes i know. ah well. maybe i’ll move onto houdini soon.

in case you missed the last video i uploaded, you can watch it here.

cya soon, i hope..

quick update

haven’t written anything in a long time, i am not dead. been busy 🙂 i’ll write more soon.

can’t wait to show you guys what i’ve been working on.

in the mean time, be cool, and stay cool.

rendering blog

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here’s an interesting blog i found: http://3dsmaxrendering.blogspot.com/

i stumbled upon it while i was doing some searching for some rendering stuff, and i looked through it, seems like a pretty cool blog. A lot of stuff about rendering, texture/shader and stuff like that, a lot of it for mental ray, and some for vray, i haven’t looked through the entire blog yet, but seems like what he has there are quite good, not some uber long posts and stuff, just some quite practical tips, tricks and tutorials for everyone.

i’m by no means an expert at rendering, so it’s a good resource for me, maybe you’ll find it quite useful as well, have a blast.