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Untitled, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

made this image on a photo walk in Vancouver some time ago.


Someone’s bike

Someone’s bike, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

this photo was made at kits beach in Vancouver, Canada.


Untitled, originally uploaded by Michael Sun.

i was out on the beach taking pictures, and this guy walked towards me. so i just have to take a picture of him.


20080508_Pic_0004, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

this is my classmate Margit, i took this pictures while we were shooting our video, so we got the lighting all set up for the video shoot, and i thought it would be really cool if i can do some photo shoots between takes and shots.

i got a few pictures of Margit, you can see on my flcikr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bphelmet/


DPP_0210, originally uploaded by michael_bphelmet.

Portrait of my classmates i took, this is Santhoshi, and the guy in the background all blurred out is Rohit, enough said, whatever info you need will be in the metadata 🙂