FX artist and other stuff


Yunrui (Michael) Sun

VFX/FX artist/Technical Director


To obtain a suitable position to create really cool effects and bring the impossible to life.

Summary Of Qualifications

  • Extensive experience with generationg natural phenomenons such as fire, smoke, tornado, dust, explosions
  • Extensive experience with dynamic simulations such as rigid body, soft body, cloth and water simulations
  • In-depth knowledge of software including: Autodesk maya and 3ds max, Houdini, realflow, Nuke, Adobe Photoshop, Premier and After Effect, boujou. As well as plugins such as: fumefx, vray, rayfire, blastcode and thinking particles
  • Scripting experience with Maxscript and Mel, programing experience with Java and python.
  • Meticulous attention to details, a keen eye for observation
  • Compositing and roto experience with nuke, fusion and aftereffects.
  • Real time effects experience with Unreal Engine
  • Team player, communicates and works well with other
  • Fast learner of new technologies, methods and ideas
  • Worked on VES Nominated Film.
  • Graduated with diploma from Vancouver Film School


Rainmaker Entertainment – Vancouver, Canada (2012 – present)
FX artist

  • FX artist on feature animation Escape from planet Earth (coming out in 2013)
  • Responsible for generating effects such as smoke, dust, debris, rocket booster effects and more
  • Responsible for compositing many of the generated effects
  • Software used including nuke, maya, and realflow
  • Pipeline tool including proprietary tools and shotgun

Modus FX – Montreal, Canada  (2010 – 2011)
FX artist/Technical Director

  • FX artist/TD on cinematics for the game FEAR 3
  • FX artist/TD on March of the Dinosaurs (BBC)
  • FX artist on feature film Immortals
  • Responsible for creating, lighting and rendering all types of effects, including fire, smoke, steam, debris, volcano eruption, snow, rain, flying paper and ash, bubbles, and others.
  • Pre-comping, and generating a first pass of composite for the compositors
  • Testing internal tools and help build a better pipeline
  • Attending dailies and meetings to develop and reiterate effects
  • Softwares used include: Maya, Houdini, 3ds max, fumfx, XSI, NUKE, and filemaker

Freelance VFX/FX Artist (2008 – 2009)

  • Visual Effect Artist on Dinocroc vs. Supergator
    • Responsible for creating, lighting and rendering boulder explosion, dust plumes, debris
  • Visual Effect Artist on The House That Jack Built
    • Responsible for creating, lighting and rendering blood squirts, matchmove, and blood mists
  • Visual Effect Artist on Tommy and the Cool Mule
    • Responsible for creating, lighting and rendering sparkles, distortion trails, and particles.
  • Smirnoff Logo
    • Responsible for creating, lighting, rendering and modeling Smirnoff logo, shattering it, creating ice shader
  • US Navy project
    • Responsible for creating, lighting and rendering explosion, dust waves, shock waves, composite with live action footage with 3D in mind

Authority FX Inc – Guelph, Ontario (2008)
Visual Effect Artist

  • Visual Effect Artist on Fire from Below
  • Visual Effect Artist on Pearblossom
  • Responsible for creating, lighting and rendering many different effects, including fire, smoke, dust storms, dust,, debris, shattering skeletons, explosions and underwater explosions
  • Responsible for animating objects to generate effects from
  • Look developed effects from the ground up with the VFX supervisor

Super78 – Los Angeles, California (2007)
CG Artist

  • CG artist on Ben 10: Race Against Time
  • Responsible for generating, lighting, rendering, and shading all types of effects, including: shatter effects, particles, sparks, and fire.
  • Delivered high quality effects in short time and on time
  • Software used includes: 3ds max, NUKE, fumfx

Vancouver Film School Diploma, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, 2007 – 2008 Activities and Societies: Specialized in Visual Effect.

  • Responsible for creating, lighting, rendering, modeling and shading floor tile shatters, rigid body simulation on floor tiles, wood and drywall shatters, dust, smoke, wood splinters and particle effects
  • Animating tentacles
  • Compositing effects and stock footage with live action footage, plate cleanup, rotoscoping, rotopainting, background replacement
  • On-set experience, set, reference, and clean plate photography, set measurement and actor interaction

A.Y. Jackson Secondary School Highschool diploma, 2004 – 2007

  • Visual Effect Artist at the Film -makers’ Club

Honors and Awards
Nominated for VES award in Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie or Special for work on BEN 10: RACE AGAINST TIME


  • Science and technology: computer hardware, new softwares, new scientific discoveries
  • Video games, movies, music
  • Photography: a big hobby, helps keep me observant
  • Swimming: used to be a lifeguard

Reference upon request


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