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Wrapped up on Wonder women a few months ago. Spent the past 7 months or so working on it. A lot of hard work and quite a number of long nights but man was it fun. It was really exciting to be working such a big movie, it always is exciting and it never gets old.

Make sure you go see it in the theaters in a month time. It’s gonna be good (hopefully).

So far i’ve really enjoyed working at pixomondo and we even have free parking, doesn’t get much better than that.

Also from what I heard most if not all the artist that was displaced by the bankruptcy of Arc had found jobs, I know it’s been almost a year since that had happened but I am still grateful for all the companies that reached out and helped in whatever way they could, I will always remember and be grateful for it.

More to come later, but for now, make sure you have your umbrellas handy.


Update demoreel

a sort reel for 2016

2016 short reel from Michael Sun on Vimeo.


Works is up at Rainmaker, Escape from planet earth is very close to done. I have to say though, it looks great, not only because I worked on it but it really just looks great, can’t wait to see it in the theaters.

However that’s not what i wanted to talk about, what i wanted to talk about is how amazing the team we had at Rainmaker was/is, i really miss those guys, but of course we will get together to have a beer or 2, or 3. Thank you guys for the great time, hard work, overtime and dinners.

Moving on, however, is that the new place i’m at, Goldtooth Creative, is awesome! We are working on some very very exciting projects, game cinematics, none of which i can say unfortunately. Stay tuned though, i will post it soon as i can!


Signing off for now, i hope to have more stuff to share soon!


hey! news for you! right now i’m in vancouver working at rainmaker on a feature animation coming up called “escape from planet earth”. It has been really great so far!

On another note

here’s a still from another project.

i did the snow, finally something that’s not smoke or fire or explosions eh?

More explosions

A few more explosions i did some time ago, didn’t have the time to post them.

still doesn’t look as good as i had hopped, probably lacking a lot on the comp side, but still i want to make it look as good as possible straight out from render.


here’s a work in progress for some explosion, i just realized i haven’t done much explosions so here’s some for funzies.