FX artist and other stuff


Works is up at Rainmaker, Escape from planet earth is very close to done. I have to say though, it looks great, not only because I worked on it but it really just looks great, can’t wait to see it in the theaters.

However that’s not what i wanted to talk about, what i wanted to talk about is how amazing the team we had at Rainmaker was/is, i really miss those guys, but of course we will get together to have a beer or 2, or 3. Thank you guys for the great time, hard work, overtime and dinners.

Moving on, however, is that the new place i’m at, Goldtooth Creative, is awesome! We are working on some very very exciting projects, game cinematics, none of which i can say unfortunately. Stay tuned though, i will post it soon as i can!


Signing off for now, i hope to have more stuff to share soon!


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