FX artist and other stuff



finally, got a release date: March 22, 2011, can’t wait till the game comes out, why? As you might have read before, I worked on the cinematics for the game.  It’s gonna be pretty awesome, can’t wait to be able to show it off.

check out some fumefx tutorial perhaps? go here: http://www.intrinsia.net/?p=471

Froyo for me!

right and in other news, more geeky news that is, finally got my phone updated to android 2.2, albeit a few months late, but still nice to have none the less, i have the samsung galaxy s btw.

Source Code

Montreal-based visual effects studio Modus FX served as the lead facility for Duncan Jones’ upcoming action thriller Source Code, scheduled for release on April 1. Source Code tells the story of a U.S. soldier who wakes up in the body of another man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train – forced to relive the final 8 minutes of the incident over and over again until he finds the perpetrator. This December Modus FX delivered over 150 shots for the film, including complex digital crowd shots, CG trains, environments and dramatic pyrotechnics.

read more here: http://www.modusfx.com/news/source_code2.html


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