FX artist and other stuff

EVE online

Out of no where a heavily armed battlecruiser drops out of warp right in the middle of a large group of pirates. Drones swarm out from the battlecruiser as the captain orders a lock on the nearest frigate, he knows the frigates may not kill a battlecruiser, but if they get close enough they can slow the ship down enough to double the damage dealt on the ship.  This all happened before the pirates even had any time to react.

Missiles from the battlecruiser races towards the frigate that is 40km away through the vaccum of space, silent but deadly, it takes the missiles about 8 seconds from launch to impact, and the frigate pilot can do nothing but watch as he’s doom aproches at 4.8km/s.  The drones are being launched towards another frigate, but the pilot was way too occupied with the battlecruiser to notice the drones, a fatle mistake that costed he’s ship and he’s life.

The rest of the pirate gang only now have targeted the battlecruiser and opened fire. But it seems the shield is way too tough for any of the pirates to even make a dent. However the pirates are not a bunch that gives up easily, calling more backup while they move into a more favourable position. Little do they know, there is no where they can go to avoid the missile from that heavily armed battlecruiser.

One by one the pirates explode as the missiles tears through the ship’s hull like a can opener. The captain isn’t even breaking a sweat, he has done this so many times he can probably do it in he’s sleep. But it doesn’t matter how many pirates he kill, there always seem to be more, but hey, more pirates he kill, more money he gets. That might not sound very noble, but the man has to make a living, and also pay for all the missiles.


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