FX artist and other stuff

Castle fume 2

update to the fume sim last night, check out the video first.

i’m liking this look, although feels like it kinda needs more detail, and i probably need to make those smaller pieces bigger, since now they are kinda missing in the fume, although you can see them a little bit, but still, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, which is very soon XD. or it could be enough, i’m not sure, we’ll see after i have finished all the other destructions.

so, agenda for today, finish the other 2 fume sims, increase the size of the small pieces, that’s about it for now, i’ll post more once i have more finished.

stay tuned

haha, totally forgot i still need to do the fume sim for the boulders coming in so, more work to do, yay 🙂


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