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Guild Wars FTW, not really.

Hey NCsoft, I sort of bought this game of yours called Guild Wars, you might have heard of it. I just got a little bit of problem with it, i can’t fking register my fking activation key which means i can’t play the game that i payed for, i bought it from futureshop, it’s like the canadian bestbuy so don’t say buy it from a better source, and it was sealed and everything was untouched and brand new.

on the plus side, or the brighter side if there is any to this unfortunate event, if you can even call it unfortunate, it shouldn’t even be happening in the first plaace, i’m paying 45 bucks for the game, get your shit straight NCsoft. Anyway they responded to may ticket saying they are “escalating your ticket for further assistance”, well, i guess it’s better than “we are sorry, but please purchase another copy of the game”.

I like the game, that’s why i bought it, i don’t like being screwed over, but you know what, the timely response makes me less mad about it, we’ll see if we can get this resolved, but then again i’ve had so many bad experiences from other companies i don’t expect them to be any better, i hope you prove me wrong NCsoft, i hope so.

/end rant

follow up:

right so, NCsoft’s support exceeded my expectations, it was actaully quite well. Everything was solved withint 24 hours, i had to prove that i actually own the key, and they give me a new one and applied it directly to my account in Guild Wars, quite simple really, and they did it in a timely fashion, kudos for you NC.


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