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since everyone’s blogging about the iphone i thought i might add in the crowed.

so, here’s the deal, i’m canadian, and for the first time we, canadians are getting our iphone. Maybe it’s not as big a deal for the maericans as it is for us canadians.

Anyway let’s talk about the iphone, first of all, the question of the day it seems, “are you getting the iphone?” am i getting the iphone? the answer is no (actually i just dropped one of my blackberrys in the ocean the other day when i was out taking pictures, and my second blackberry is completely dead, i do need a new phone). but anyway, the reason(s) i’m not getting an iphone is first of all i NEED a keyboard, a nice, big tactile, keyboard!!!!

second, i hate the iphone plan from rogers, it sucks, it really sucks, the blackberry plans are even cheaper than the iphone plans.

and third, i’m not a big apple fan, frankly the only apple product i own is the first-gen ipod nano.

now, of course you have to watch, http://twitlive.tv/

okay, now i’m gonna talk a little about phones that i’m interested in, maybe it’s just everyone else is so hyped about the iphone i don’t wanna be part of the crowed.

anyway, i’m looking at the blackberry 8830: it’s got CDMA, GSM, 3G, wifi, GPS, everything you will pretty much ever need on that phone, but’s freagging awesome, but also of course it’s not cheap at all, but of course a worthy phone.

samsung jack/blackjack: nothing special really about this phone, but it’s not very expensive, and it’s a decent windows mobile phone and i like windows mobile.

Motorola Q9H: i used the original Q9, and i really like the phone, and i really like how the keyboard feels, and it’s a decent windows mobile phone.

anyway, so that’s the tech chat for today, leave a comment if you feel like it, but you MUST, MUST go watch: http://twitlive.tv/

take care



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