FX artist and other stuff


i thought i’d post an update, since my harddrive just died on me the day before yesterday.

it’s not really too much of a big deal, i have almost all the important stuff backed up in my portable harddrives so that’s okay, but what i did lose is all my programs, softwares and everything i have installed on that computer, and my 3ds max files dates back to a few years ago when i first started doing 3d.

so i can’t really process all the pictures i’ve taken during the last 2 days at both Niagara falls and the Toronto zoo. it’s okay now that i’ve got a new harddrive, and i’m up and running again, and i shall be posting photos soon-ish.

i took about 2000 pictures all together the 2 days i’m out taking pictures, i probably need more compact flash cards cause the RAW format i’m shooting in takes about 12mb per picture and the 4 gig card fills up real fast, and i hate missing out on great stuff happening cause i’m dumping my CF card onto my laptop, and frankly it seems that whenever i dump my CF card onto my laptop good things that i wanna captures always happens during that time, and i hate that XD.

but anyway, i will be flying back to Vancouver tomorrow (Saturday, may 3rd), and just stay tuned i’ll update my blog with pictures soon, in the next couple of days.


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