FX artist and other stuff

Unwrapping a plane

hey, again. this is just a project for texturing class, basically just to unwrap a plane, texture it, and light it. i just started today, it took me a few hours to unwrap this plane, i’m not very used to unwrapping stuff, but i have to say it’s kinda boring and tedious at first, but when i really got into it i find it really fun actually, but anyway it took some work.

this is the UV map


this is the low-res version of it, it is gonna be a 4k texture map (4096 pixels by 4096 pixels), i would love to optimize the space a lot more and i know i can but i have to figure out how to select UV through many object, stupid XSI won’t let me do it 😦

here’s some umm previews of the plane, just basic unwrapping map, nothing fancy, well it’s kinda fancy.



anyway if you got any suggestions on how i can do better please do post it, i wanna know what you have to say 🙂 well cheers, more to come later.


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