FX artist and other stuff


so, these shots are orginally for a contest at the CG society forum, got rushed, didn’t do that great a job, so i’m coming back to it and making it better.

this first shot, is done a long time ago, no compositing at all, no bones, just a guy leaping off the roof and disintegrates

this shot is pretty cool, done recently, all effects are composited, i rendered everything in layers and composited them all together, to give me more control over the way i want the effect to look.

this one is pretty much the final shot, adjusted the color, changed the way bones disintegrate, and added the illumination from the firy particles, again, everything rendered in layers, and composted together in eyeon Fusion.

that’s bascially a introduction to the shots, i’m gonna do a detailed breakdown of the finaly shot later.


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