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Ubisoft presentation at school

(This is an old post, just grabbed this from my virb)

Ben Mattes, Producer for Prince of Persia 3 and another upcoming exciting but secret Ubisoft title will be doing a presentation about the design process (Ubisoft Pipeline) for all projects along with answering questions about his projects, Ubisoft, their studio, the Too Much Imagination Game Design Challenge (recruitment campaign) and what Ubisoft looks for in a demo reel or portfolio.

well, i just copy and pasted that excerpt from my school mail, πŸ˜› well as it says, ben mattes, he was here for a presentation, mostly about how ubisoft works, what is’ like to create a game at the ubisoft studio.

now, i have to say, i was not interested in games at all before the presentation, i only wanted to do films, movies and stuff, never really interested in games or cinematics, and by no means i don’t wanna work on films and movies or anything, but it just opened my eyes to antoher career path for me, and i learned so much more about the production pipeline of a game.

it was really fun, i mean Ben, he’s really a geek and a gamer, and i’ve always loved games, been playing games ever since i touched a computer. and it’s funny because i never really thought of games as something i would even remotely relate to with visual effects and stuff that i’m interested in, but during the presentation, Ben was telling us about the how games are created at the ubisoft studios, and the conception, pre-production and production phase of games and they use 3ds max, WOOOOHOOO!!!!!!!! anyway, back to topic, it was really cool, the team work, and the whole creative process was really cool, not that creative process for movies and such is not cool or anything, just it’s more interesting as i thought.

and at the end, he took a lot of questions about how to apply for ubisoft, and what is required for a demo reel. and he said there will be about 1300 jobs opening in the next 2 years, and they have a CG art department which does hi-res cinematics, trailers, promo video, demo videos, and they work just like a film post production department, they use maya as well in the CG department rather than 3ds max in the game production studio. and apparently Montreal is a really low cost city which i have to say is very cool cause right now i’m living in Vancouver and Vancouver is a really expensive city.

and ben was talking about jobs at ubisoft, he said they are interested in long term relationships, so most of the time they won’t do much contractial work like in the film industry, but long term full time employments, which is cool to me as well, but that kinda kills the chance of going to europe or asia or wherever to explore and stuff, which is cool. but i’m just saying, there’s another place i’m going to apply to after i graduate, just another option, it’s always good to have options πŸ˜› and there’s a job in the game production pipeline as well, called Special Effects Specialist which after reading the discription of the job sounds like a perfect job for me, woohoo, and i can also try to apply for the CG art department, more option the better right? don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

it was really cool 3 hours, great presentation, learned a lot, and i got myself a T-shirt, a sticker, a strap and a ipod cover πŸ˜› which is cool, free stuff is always cool πŸ˜› oh and one more reason to go to ubisoft, they have jade raymonds πŸ˜› she’s cute, yeah, you know you like her πŸ˜› anyway it was really fun and interesting, better than i expected and learned a lot as well, and i’m really excited too.

have a good one, more to come later


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